Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Small Joys

We are leaving Korea in just over one month and ending an incredible chapter of our lives.  

Before we know it we'll be moving out of our little apartment, carefully packing a choice few belongings into our backpacks and setting out to explore Southeast Asia once again.  The next thing we know we'll be back in Oregon in January, reuniting with family, catching up over happy hour with friends, and deciding together what our next steps will be.

As amazing as those impending experiences are I don't want to rush them. 

I want to enjoy the last month in our teeny tiny apartment, the beautiful beach that's just a subway ride away, the subway itself, the travel books we have yet to read, and the adorable kiddies that we've grown to love.  

I want to notice the small joys and hold them close, because life's little things are often just as important as the big things-we just don't take the time to notice.  I will notice.

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