Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busan International Film Festival

On October 8th the largest film festival in Asia opened here in Busan.  We didn't have much luck getting tickets to the movies online, so we awoke before dawn on Saturday and took our place in the ticket line, even earlier than last year.  Of the fifty or so people in front of us, many had camped out the night before, hoping to get their hands on the twenty percent of tickets to each movie that weren't sold online.

After a three hour wait, we purchased tickets to our first choices and set out to enjoy our day at the movies.

Our favorites were We Need to Talk About Kevin from the UK and Early One Morning from France.  Unfortunately both of the Korean movies we saw later in the day were disappointing.

All in all though, a fun day at BIFF!

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  1. very cool, norah! :) sounds like a lot of fun.

    p.s. i love your bangs. i want bangs just like them! i might take a photo of you to my hairdresser next time i go in. i hope that doesn't creep you out! :)