Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Cockroach

Last night, after returning home from a long day at school, I left my shoes at the front door and headed inside our apartment.  Upon realizing I needed something from a closet, I turned back around.  That's when I saw it, crawling near the door.  A cockroach. 

Now before you judge me completely, let me say that I have gotten over a lot of my prissiness since living and traveling in Asia.  I can accept less than ideal sleeping conditions, as well as bathrooms that would have at one point sent me running for the hills.  Cockroaches however, are one thing I can't deal with.  We found only one in our apartment last year, a little thing, likely a baby.  When we visited Don Det the creatures practically congregated in the dark out-houses.  I only went when absolutely necessary.

But back to to last night.  

I froze in a panic, not knowing what to do.  Quickly I opened the door, willing the visitor to leave.  It didn't.  I thought fast and ran to the kitchen to grab a mug.  When I came back, the cockroach was no longer in sight.  I momentarily panicked, then reasoned that the single step separating the small entry way from the actual apartment would likely keep a cockroach contained.  The pair of Uggs I had recently discarded lay in a heap.  I poked one boot with another nearby shoe and caught a glimpse of my enemy.  Quickly I brought the glass mug down on the Ugg and trapped him.  Then I did what anyone would do.  I waited until Ryan returned from Costco and calmly asked him to dispose of our little friend.

I tried to shake off the feeling that something was crawling on me for the remainder of the night, but it wasn't easy. Like I said, cockroaches are one thing I can't deal with.

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