Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jinju Lantern Festival

Last Saturday we headed to Jinju for a lantern festival.  The present day festival originates from the Japanese invasion of the late 1500s when lanterns were used to send military signals, for communication between soldiers and their families, and as a way to honor the deceased.  Once we arrived in the small city we took a moment to enjoy vanilla lattes at a cute cafe.

Next we headed to Jinju Fortress for some lovely fall scenery. 

We were amazed to see the large amount of lanterns dotting the river, waiting for nightfall.

We surveyed our food options before deciding on pajeon and mokkeoli under a colorful carnival tent.  I had a potato on a stick for dessert.

Later we stopped to catch the end of the lantern parade and staked out the perfect spot for the upcoming fireworks.  After a a short trek off the beaten path in a bamboo forest, Ryan found a spot for us to enjoy the show.

One last walk along the river showcased the colorful lanterns in all their glory.  It was a beautiful event and we're glad we made it.  

Fall in Korea is the most enjoyable season.  I'm working on planning more local day/weekend trips before the chilly winter season.  Next on the horizon: Daegu!

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