Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teaching Update

I woke myself up this morning as I commanded, "put away your cell phone," in my sleep.  I sat straight up and followed my sleep talk with, "Ohmigod!  Did I really just say that?"  Yes, Ryan confirmed, I really just said that.  So loudly in fact, that it had woken him up as well.  You know you're a teacher when...

Speaking of teaching, things at school are going extremely well, especially considering the semi-rocky start I had last month.  Ryan and I have both settled into our new positions and have finally gotten a handle on the layout of the school (both buildings), the students' names in all of our rotating (twelve or so!) classes, and the material we're supposed to teach in each class.  Our first round of report cards is behind us, as are the speaking tests we're required to create and implement every few months.  By now we're more comfortable with the staff, routines, and way of life that will fill the year ahead of us.  I promise to post photos of the school and students soon.  Until then, here is a picture I snapped this morning.

Two of my adorable six year-old students

It's my turn to stand at the door this week and welcome students to school.  It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

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