Monday, October 3, 2011

Drama Festival

Last weekend our school put on its annual Drama Festival.  It was similar in some ways to the show our former school put on last winter.  The preparation for this year's event was intense.  Each kindergarten period was replaced by song and dance practice for the month of September.  Ryan memorized lines for his parts in four different plays.  I had a smaller role as the emcee for two of the four shows.  Here are the highlights from last weekend in photos and video clips.
The cast of The Emperor's New Clothes
all dressed up to sing their solo songs

The Captain (Ryan) with Maria and the kids in The Sound of Music
Ballet performance

The fabulous emcees :)
Peter Pan

Once the festival was over we celebrated with a big dinner, Korean style.  We sat on the floor among our co-workers and were served endless amounts of meat, soup and traditional side dishes, accompanied by endless amounts of Korean beer and soju.

It was a fun but exhausting weekend, which explains why we were so ready for three days off by the time this weekend came around!

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  1. Wow, those are some serious costumes! The kids must love the dress-up part. Too cute.