Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend in Daegu: Part One

On Saturday morning, I hopped a train with my honey to Daegu.

Once there, we joined a local city bus tour and stopped at a farm village to take in the local agriculture.

Stop #2 was Palongsan National Park and Dongwha Temple within.  Fall is in full swing and the Korean countryside brings out the beauty in what has become our favorite season in Korea.  Who knew it could stay sunny and dry nearly every day even when summer is over?  Not Oregonians. ;)

Stay tuned for pics from the rest of our lovely weekend!


  1. everything looks so beautiful...except the spiders...i would have been freaked out!

  2. LOVE the spiders! The yellow and black one-Fantastic!
    Hey-what's wrong with you?
    No pixs of food!!!

  3. Oh wow...what an adventure! I love the street lined with paper lanterns. Do they light up at night? If they do, I imagine it's spectacular!

  4. Rog,

    What do you mean no food? The Brown spider is having quite the meal...